Westside Gunn blesses us yet again with the 7th installment of his Hitler Wears Hermes series as he always does on Halloween. I look forward to these releases so much because they are always so dope. He outdoes himself yet again on this project. The rhymes are so fly throughout. He’s not spitting anything whack on here at all. If you know the Griselda sound, you definitely are getting the latest re-up of that on here. He’s got fantastic features from Conway, Benny, Currensy, and more. The beats are great also. You get that same spooky GXFR sound that we all love so much. The highlight of this project is “Undertaker vs. Goldberg” which features Conway. The 1st beat on here is just so dope and fly. It is really made from the highest quality. The whole camp really outdid themselves yet again as they do with every release. I hope that this trend continues on forever.


OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#westsidegunn #flygod #gxfr #griselda #segang #spooky #bsf #blacksopranofamily #hitlerwearshermes7 #hitlerwearshermes #hwh7 #hwh


Westside Gunn - Hitler Wears Hermes 7

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