Obie Trice delivers a decent new project called The Fifth. The stronger part of this album is definitely Obie’s lyrical ability. It certainly doesn’t sound like he has missed a step at all. Even with not having Eminem watching over him as much as he used to, Obie is still able to keep it very Detroit and deliver some dope wordplay. He has an uncanny ability to say things in a different way. He just finds different words or descriptions for a lot of common rap themes. The beats on here are average to below average. The project starts out a little slow on the production side, and for the most part, stays a lot more down tempo. You’re not going to get any club bangers or boom bap on here. While it may be a tad depressing on the music side, Obie shines on the mic so that definitely makes the listener forgive the production side a bit. All in all, this was a decent effort from the Detroit native. I wish that Obie and more of the Detroit music scene would team up for some collaborative projects because there is certainly a lot of talent that could shine on some posse tracks.


OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#obietrice #realobietrice #detroit #thefifth #the5th


Obie Trice - The Fifth

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