Joell Ortiz comes back in a big way with a really dope new album entitled everyone’s favorite day of the week, Monday. He really has a lot of deep and introspective rhymes and great concepts throughout this project. It’s no secret that Joell Ortiz is one of the best MCs out there. He doesn’t really ever spit whack verses. It’s just not something he does. He has a lot of great beats that he selected on here as well. Definitely a lot of head nodders that true hip-hop heads will appreciate. On “Anxiety” he raps about what this feeling is like and I’m sure most who suffer from it will agree what he is saying. Even the beat itself is a little frantic and off-center which makes it that much more fitting. On “Learn You”he tells about how he wishes he had a closer relationship with his son. On “Screens” he raps about the dangers of allowing your kids to be raised by electronics and how we all lose touch with each other by doing that. There are a ton of great songs on here. This is a great album; the only thing missing is just that magic element that makes it a classic album. It’s not something that can be taught or calculated or manufactured. It’s just that thing that you get lucky enough to have on an album. Sometimes it strikes and sometimes it doesn’t. Other than that elusive, magical trait, this is a really, really dope album.


OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#joellortiz #shadyrecords #yaowa #slaughterhouse #monday


Joell Ortiz - Monday

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