Redman is a legend out here but this project is straight trash. I wouldn’t even use this project to clean a toilet. Redman has spit countless classic bars throughout his entire career, but the ones on here are overshadowed by the production. This electronic, dubstep crap is just awful. It pretty much sounds like a transformer having a seizure. Fans of Redman, you will do well to stay away from this project all together. Don’t pick it up. Don’t listen to it. Don’t even give it a chance. Throw this straight in your glad bag and tie the string up. Put this out for the garbage man to deal with.


OVERALL RATING: 0 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#redman #therealredman #brickcity #newjersey #jersey #dirtyjerz #jayceeoh #1000volts #powerup #powerupep

Redman & Jayceeoh - Power Up EP


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