I don’t know where this MC has been hiding but thank God we have found him!! This Philly native absolutely destroys the mic every time he touches it. A lot of rappers out there better pray to God that this dude doesn’t come after them because they would be in trouble. There is absolutely nothing you could say about the bars from RJ Payne. He is top tier without a question. His ferocity is showcased brilliantly on this project. It also helps with that monstrous voice he has. The production is pretty dope overall. You get some really strong beats on here that Payne is able to just annihilate. The highlights include “1000 Maniacs,” “Black Sunday,” and the remix to “Rubber Bands And Weight” where he lends a verse to Benny’s classic song. This is a legend in the making and you better get on this train now before you get run over cuz it ain’t stopping at all!!


OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#rjpayne #iamrjpayne #reignman #eimg #blacksopranofamily #bsf #gxfr #griselda #fashionrebels #philadelphia #philly #leatherface


RJ Payne - Leatherface

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