East and West coasts team up for this collaboration in what turns out to be a pretty decent album. You mix the veteran MC who has stayed churning out music, Yukmouth, and you put him together with a decent NY MC J-Hood and that is a recipe for something pretty good. As far as lyrics, I wouldn’t say that either MC is stellar, but they definitely do their things respectively on here. You’re not really going to get any mind-blowing bars, but they can at least keep the listener interested. There are a lot worse MCs out there. The beats are pretty decent too. You’re mainly going to hear more of the Bay Area vibe on here and Yukmouth is definitely more accomodated over those type of beats. They both actually sound good over the production though. I wouldn’t say there are any classic tracks on here, but at the same time, you’re not really going to hear anything whack either. At 23 tracks, this is definitely a sizeable album and it takes awhile to get through, but you should be pleased most of the way through.
OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks
#luniz #theluniz #thaluniz #yukmouth #tharealyukmouth #bayarea #j-hood #jhood #jaehood #tharealjhood #4thlok #yonkers #savages


Yukmouth & J-Hood - Savages

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