This was a project almost out of nowhere from a West Coast veteran. Richie Rich drops off a quick album at 10 tracks to show these young cats how to do it. Richie Rich was always good at putting emotion into his lyrics and he is able to do that on this new project. You can feel the pain and strife in the songs that he weaves together. Sonically, the album sounds okay. It does have a bit of an updated sound that would fit in today’s musical landscape, but at the same time, keeps it just enough West Coast to sound dope. While I don’t think that the beats are perfect, I think they are at least good enough to reintroduce Richie Rich to a younger audience. He does a good job at telling a story over West Coast beats and I think that this album should go over pretty well considering how long it has been since we have heard from Richie Rich.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#richierich #fedcase

Richie Rich - Fed Case


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