This was a quick tape but a definite banger from J-Hood. I was kind of surprised at how hard the tracks bang on here. Lyrically J-Hood is pretty decent. I wouldn’t say that he is of the upper elite of MCs but he can definitely hold his own. He’s got some good features on here, especially from Big Twins. The beats are the strong point of this album. There are some straight slammers on this one. You can definitely put these on the car and ride out to the whole project. The two things I would hold against this album would be the length of the project and the pointless skits that are on here. Take the skits off and throw a few more bangers on here, and you would have an awesome album. The highlight of the project is probably “No Doubt” featuring Phil Da Agony and Saigon. This beat just knocks and provides the perfect backdrop for the MCs to rip it. Definitely check out this quick project.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#j-hood #jhood #jaehood #tharealjhood #mastersofthehood #4thlok #yonkers



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