The Diplomat and Harlem legend Killa Cam is back after a long break with this mixtape The Program. This joint sounds awesome and you definitely need to hear it. This is a must hear. Lyrically Cam is just as good as he ever was. He spits crazy bars over the best beats. It’s as simple as that. You ain’t messing with Cam. There are so many good tracks on this album it’s hard to list them all. The 2 best tracks are the Just Blaze produced “Kiss Myself” and “U Wasn’t There.” These tracks are just amazing. This album is the classic Diplomat sound that you have come to love. This was very much needed and I hope with the return of Hell Rell and of Cam’ron, that we will see more work from the Diplomats very soon. The game needs it badly and there are pretty much no better to give us that classic NY sound.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#camron #cam’ron #mr_camron #camerongiles #theprogram #diplomats #dipset #harlem

Cam'ron-The Program


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