This album was truly something special. I had forgotten how great Wordsworth was as a lyricist. This dude can put together words and lyrics like none other. Take most rappers out there today, even your seasoned veterans, and this MC is better than the vast majority of them. It seems that he can find an impossible number of words that rhyme together, put them together very cleverly, and also make a story out of what he is saying. That is what he does on every track on here. The dude just doesn’t spit whack bars ever. When you have an MC of that caliber, you have to have beats that can back him up. Sam Brown definitely does that on here. The beats that he made for this project are top shelf. The samples are great and the beats definitely keep your head nodding. He has injected his soul into this one. This is an almost perfect release here. A lot of you people in the industry can learn something from this album right here. Cop this with the quickness!!

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#wordsworth #wordsworth_emc #wordsworthbklyn #sambrown #sambrownnc #ourworldtoday



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