I remember the first time I saw Windchill perform, I think it was at the Depot. I knew right from the get that this dude had a great lyrical skill. I know I have missed quite a few of his releases but I got to hear this latest album and overall, it was pretty good. Lyrically, Windchill is very talented. He has clever rhyme schemes and great song concepts. This latest album is just further proof of the talent he possesses. The production on here is pretty good as well. I think the standout tracks are probably “The Northeast” and “Straight Razor And Shave.” He seems to have a knack at making great songs for hip-hop culture. Great beats and great rhymes all over this one. He is definitely headed in the right direction.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#windchill #windchillmusic #2ndwind #secondwind

Windchill-2nd Wind

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