JAY-Z – 4:44

The king is back with a fantastic recording. 4:44 is definitely a masterpiece. It took me a few listens to understand how great this album was. Lyrically Jay is back and better than he has been in awhile. He drops some real life jewels on this one. It’s not only lyrically sharp, but his rhymes are filled with double entendres and plenty of great advice on how to be man and a family man. The production is great on here as well. The entire album is produced by No I.D. He has some fantastic samples on here that really fill the backdrop for what Hova is trying to teach us. The standout tracks have to be “Kill Jay-Z,” “Bam,” and “Marcy Me.” Jay is at the top of not only his own game, but the rap game as a whole. The best way I can describe this album would be the following statement: This was not only the album we all wanted, but it was the album we all needed. Long live the king Jay-Z.

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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