This was a quick project but it was decent. It’s been awhile since Currensy dropped so this was a nice way to come back. Currensy brings the same lazy flow that we are used to but it works. His lyrics are nothing crazy but he shoots for par on this one. The beats are an assortment of some popular instrumentals. I’d say the high points are “Junior Mints” and “1942.” He raps over the “Player’s Anthem” and “Shot Caller” beats and it sounds very fitting. Although it was a quick project, it seemed like it was exactly the right length. This was all in all at least a decent project. Something to vibe out to. Check it out quick and enjoy.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#currensy #currensy_spitta #jetlife #spittaandretti #andretti #neworleans #billionairesboysclub #canalstreetconfidential #currensyspitta #currency #bourbonstreetsecrets #thechampagnefiles #champagnefiles #rapsnlowriders



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