This was a surprisingly good record that I had gave a chance to not knowing anything about it. I was glad that I did give it a shot though. Smoovth is a dope rapper that is able to set the stage with this release with help from the producer Giallo Point. The project is called Medellin and of course you can only assume it is going to be laced with drug trafficking and dealing references. Lyrically Smoovth is able to paint a great picture of a lavish drug trafficking lifestyle complete with all the riches and opulence. He has a way of saying things that is different than most rappers which I not only appreciate, but I encourage. He just has a way of saying things in a really slick manner. It’s something you don’t hear everyday. The beats on here are pretty good overall as well. There are a lot of clever samples. The album is definitely cohesive. It sounds like all of these tracks were meant to be together and tell a story. Give the whole thing a listen and when you are done, listen to it again.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#smoovth #giallopoint #medellin

Smoovth & Giallo Point - Medellin


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