The veteran west coast MC Eiht comes back with DJ Premier to release a slamming record here. Under Premier’s masterful guidance, the duo release a dope album to ride to. Lyrically, MC Eiht was never one of the best. BUT, he does have a strong west coast presence as he’s been doing it for years. His voice is strong and he sounds just as good as he ever has. He paints the picture of west coast life as you vibe from track to track. The beats are pretty slamming. The highlight is probably “Run The Blocc” which is one of the few tracks produced by DJ Premier. Premier sort of tailors his classic east coast sound to a more western type vibe. Being as good as he is, he makes it work though. This is definitely a tough record and is worthy of some east coast credit.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#mceiht #eiht #eiht0eiht #whichwayizwest #wwiw #djpremier #premier #premierwuzhere #realdjpremier #preemo #gangstarr



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