This was a disappointing release from Young Buck. The Cashville native has been hitting us with his “10” series mixtapes and while they have been ok on average, this one is a little below the bar. I think the main problem with this one is that Buck is trying to sell out and sound like the current new flow of hip hop music today. He is trying to change his sound to what is popular today and it is just not working. The lyrics on this project are gritty and real but just not very complex. The beats are very substandard. There is nothing that you can really ride to. Nothing that you can bang out the trunk while you move packages from town to town. This is just disappointing when you think back to Young Buck’s very first project “Straight Outta Cashville.” He needs to go back to his roots.

OVERALL RATING: 1 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#youngbuck #therealyoungbuck #10toesdown #gunit #g-unit #djwhookid #cashville #tennakey #tenakey

Young Buck-10 Toes Down


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