This is a straight west coast project from the veteran rapper Snoop Dogg. If you are looking for bars, then this album is not for you. Snoop spits the same game talk that he has done for years and years now. It’s not really about the complexity of his bars but more the way he flows over the beats. That is the part that should be appreciated here. Are these the best rhymes ever? Of course not. It’s more of something to just vibe to. The beats on this project are straight west coast which sounds decent. No major complaints from me in that department. The standout track is clearly “Mount Kushmore” which features veteran east coast MCs Method Man and Redman along with another west coast legend B-Real. This song is such a summer banger. The beat is 5 star. It sounds like a classic west coast anthem. These MCs flow so great over the beat. This might be the song of the summer here and maybe even for summers to come. Another interesting track was the first and title track “Neva Left” which samples Wu-Tang Clan’s “Cream.” It is definitely interesting to hear Snoop rhyme over that beat. All in all, this was a decent project. There are some low points but this one is worth a listen.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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