Another decent release for the No Limit General with this project. It’s a quick listen at only about 30 or so minutes and 9 tracks. Master P does a good job of mixing a few elements on this EP. He gives you that hard-hitting No Limit sound, a radio-friendly, single sound, an old school rap flow, and a new school rap flow all wrapped up in one project. I think No Limit is definitely doing a good job of staying current but also keeping true to their original fanbase. The lyrics on this project are what you would expect – nothing too flashy or complex. The beats are decent. It’s good enough to get some airplay. All in all I think they did a good job with this project.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#masterp #masterpmiller #nolimitboys #intelligenthoodlum #nolimit #nolimitforever #icecreamman #tru #boutitboutit #makeemsayuhhh



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