In my head, I almost expected to hear new Notorious B.I.G. lyrics with this release, but then I remembered that the king of Brooklyn had been selfishly taken from us way too soon. I realized we would never get new rhymes from the black Frank White and it made me sad. Instead of getting something new, I think that this project is more something for the culture. Faith and team has put together a decent release here with Biggie verses woven into new songs with her singing. The first thing that really kind of caught me off guard was how sexually explicit some of the songs are. Then I remembered that BIG was able to do that and still make it sound fly. He always gave us the realness. His lyrics are awesome all over this record. He was the king and still is the king. The beats are better than what I had initially expected. I think they did a good job crafting these songs around BIG’s verses. It has an updated and fresh sound to it overall. I’d say the standout track for me is probably “NYC” featuring his long-time cohort Jadakiss who always rips down his verses without question. He slays this neck-snapping beat effortlessly. Faith does a good job on this record telling the love story of her and her king. This is definitely another great chapter to the Notorious B.I.G. legacy.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out 5 Cheesesteaks


#notoriousbig #notorious #big #biggie #biggiesmalls #christopherwallace #bigpoppa #faithevans #faith #thekingandi #theking&i #tkai #brooklyn



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