The veteran hip-hop duo are back and they deliver a strong EP for the masses. If you love classic hip-hop, then the DITC members have delivered for you. Although this project is only 8 tracks, you know it is good because it leaves you wanting more. The rhymes are great. A.G. delivers every time and never falls short. Showbiz makes sure the production is fantastic. It is neck-snapping boom-bap beat one after another. I’d definitely have to say the standout track is “Walkin On Air” featuring A-Bless. Both him and A.G. destroy the mics on this superb beat. The only criticism I could give this project is that it needed to be longer. Hopefully we see more from them in the very near future and even from the rest of DITC.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#agofditc #ag #andrethegiant #showbiz #takeitback #ditc



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