Kidd Kidd is hit or miss on mixtapes and this one was a miss. I think it is probably more on the fault of this rapper Deeday that is on here but nevertheless, they are both partially responsible for this miss. The lyrics are not good on here. Anytime I hear this Deeday rap, I lose a little more hope for the future of the culture. He has got to go back to his day job at Arby’s. Kidd Kidd usually delivers pretty good, but this is not his best work either. The beats on this album aren’t too good. There is nothing memorable and nothing that sticks with you after listening. I’d really like to see Kidd Kidd fall back for awhile and cook up a studio album that is really worth listening to instead of coming out with these half-assed attempts every other month. I know he has got it in him, but it certainly didn’t show through on this one.

OVERALL RATING: 1.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#kiddkidd #itskiddkidd #deeday #bluemoon #peanutfrommanzant #newwarleans #gunit #g-unit

Kidd Kidd Deeday - Bluemoon



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