I definitely have mixed emotions on this release. Obviously by the name, you know it is going to be controversial. As far as putting all of the comparisons between himself and Tupac, I think that is a little whack. You could throw on a remake or 2 of some tracks, but to do the album cover with all of the picture comparisons and to name the album Nupac, that is taking it a bit far. Sure the similarities exist, but to put it out there so blatantly is a bit much. That aside, the beats aren’t too bad on here. There are some songs on here that are sort of re-imaginations of some Tupac songs that sound pretty good. If the beats were good the first time around, they are going to be good again. The rhymes are what you would expect from Troy Ave. There is nothing really rewind worthy but his flow is decent. One of the worst parts of this project is the 30+ minute story that he tells of his shooting and making it a track. It is completely unnecessary and should have been dropped from the project. If you like Troy Ave stuff, check out this album. You will probably enjoy it.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#troyave #freetroyave #rolandcollins #dopeboytroy #nupac #bsb #bsbrecords #powder



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