I was hyped when I first saw that this album had came out. I had seen Merkules freestyles online and just thought he was so dope. The dude has a great style, can spit really fast, and is highly lyrical. He does such a great job at his freestyles. So I thought this would transfer over into an album. While he does have some really great lyrics, I think the subject matter is where he is falling behind. I will warn you, this is an album full of struggle raps. Sure, they are crafted together very skillfully and cleverly, but it’s hard to listen to how much a rapper is struggling with being broke and an alcoholic for an entire album. I need some more content and some more subject matter than that. The beats were pretty decent on here. Some of the beats are the type that I wanted to hear him spit over if that makes sense. Some hard hitting drums with some clever bell and whistle samples if I am explaining that correctly. I’d say one of the highlights is probably the song “Conor McGregor.” Just a dope song with a dope flow and a catchy hook. I’d say to skim through this one. I think that Merkules can do a lot better and I know he has it in him. I’d really like to see him branch out more on his next project.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#merkulesmusic #merkules #trustyourgut

Merkules-Trust Your Gut


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