This was a surprisingly good album. When I think of the classic West Coast sound, this is exactly what I think of. DJ Quik has been a great West Coast producer forever so naturally he would know how to craft the sound. He has been doing that since the early 90’s. So with that said, production on this album is great. It gives you that feeling of listening to the old 90’s West Coast g-funk albums. The songs are just a little more updated to keep it fresh. Lyrically, these won’t be the greatest verses you will ever hear. They are not meant to be though. When you are riding to that G-funk sound, you can’t be concentrating on triple syllable lyrical assaults. You just need something to vibe to. So that is what you get on this album. Both Problem and DJ Quik definitely do their thing and represent the left coast. If you enjoy this type of sound, don’t sleep on this one!

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#djquik #problem #problem354 #chachi #rosecrans #rosecransthealbum #compton

DJ Quik-Rosecrans


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