Currensy hits us again with another mixtape. This time this one was pretty good. It was good to hear Spitta Andretti over some classic tracks. Lyrically he did pretty decent. He obviously delivers the same lazy-style raps that we are all accustomed to, which is not a bad thing. His flow is definitely unique and sets him apart from most rappers. He has developed his brand and it works for him and his listeners. The beats were a good collection of some classic tracks. Highlights include “Chu Saiyan” which is over the EPMD classic “So What You Sayin” and “Dogs In The Resevoir” which is over the classic Jay-Z track “Resevoir Dogs.” This was definitely a clever release for 4/20 and is probably one of Currensy’s better mixtapes. Check it out and burn one.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#currensy #currensy_spitta #jetlife #spittaandretti #andretti #neworleans #billionairesboysclub #canalstreetconfidential #currensyspitta #currency #bourbonstreetsecrets #thefo20massacre #fo20massacre #happy420 #rapsnlowriders

Currensy-The Fo20 Massacre


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