Another terrible project from a talented MC. As if the first release wasn’t bad enough, the Philly MC leaves another turd on our doorstep with this stinker. It hurts to say it like this because I know he has got the lyrics in him. It is just that he is delivering it in the wrong way. The beats, song concepts, and hooks on this project are terrible. He tries to show that he has this new flow of today’s trap and mumble rappers, but it is not what he is built for. I don’t know who to put the blame on. Is it him or his staff? The lyrics are ok but he could have done better. I know he has it in him. All in all this is another waste of talent trying to sound like all the other hot garbage that is out there today. Do yourself a favor and chuck this one in the nearest river.

OVERALL RATING: 0.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#AR_AB #protocol #protocol2 #protocolvol2 #Assaultrifleab #obhgg #obh #philly



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