Afu-Ra comes out of nowhere to drop a surprise mixtape on us. At 29 tracks, this one is a bit long. Lyrically he is not that good. I guess there is a basic level of talent there, but not too much after that. I do give him a little bit of respect since he was down with Jeru and Gangstarr but he was definitely not one of the better acts from that whole camp. The beats on this release are probably what stand out most. He raps over some classic old school beats like “Made You Look,” “Who Shot Ya,” and “Kick In The Door.” These kind of beats almost instantly make any rapper sound at least a little better over them. There are some original beats on here that aren’t bad either. A good standout track would be the posse cut “Three Evil Masters” with Big Shug and Jeru The Damaja. So if you can make it through this plethora of songs and try to ignore some of the lyrics, you should be ok.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#afura #afu-ra #voiceofthepeople #votp #gangstarr #gangstarrfoundation



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