Raekwon drops off a fantastic project here with this one. The Wu-Tang member is one of the few that still can drop a quality project off in this new era. The most noticeable thing about this project is probably the cohesiveness of the tracks. This album sounds like it flows from one track to another and that all the tracks belong together. Lyrically, Rae is doing his thing and dropping the same fly jewels that he always has been right from the beginning. There are limited features which can be good sometimes. Might have been better to have a few more Wu-Tang features on it and not whack rappers like G-Eazy. Nonetheless, this album is lyrically on point. The production is amazing. There are really some neck snapping beats on here. Some of the beats almost sound royal in their sound. Just all around some great sounding music. This is a must have Wu-Tang member album here. Pick it up and put it on repeat.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#raekwon #raekwondachef #thewild #wutangclan #wu-tangclan #wtc #wu-tang #wutang #purpletape



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