Fat Joe had promoted the hell out of this album and had talked about all the work they had put into it and I definitely have to verify that it has indeed paid off. This album is great. Lyrically, Joe and Rem do a fantastic job. Remy definitely steals the spotlight though. You can tell she went extra hard on this when you listen to her bars. She sounds hungry and it definitely shows through on the bars. She makes it very clear that you are not going to mess with her as one of the great female MCs. Production-wise, Cool & Dre handle much of it. They give you that classic Terror Squad sound, but with a twist of classic New York sound tied together with it. A lot of the songs definitely sound like they were set up to make Joe and Remy shine. The standout tracks to me are “Swear To God” and “Money Showers.” This album definitely plays through and there are not many moments that fall short of a great album. Definitely put this one on repeat and recognize that this is how we need it to sound to get classic New York hip hop back.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#fatjoe #remyma #realremyma #plataoplomo #shether #ditc #terrorsquad #ts



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