This was a great redemption for Kidd Kidd. He seems to be hit or miss on tapes but this one seemed to really hit the mark pretty well. He really seems to tap into his roots and goes back to the neighborhood to get inspiration for this one and it paid off. As far as rhymes, he really gives us a clear vision of his life growing up and currently. You can almost see how his hood shaped him into the person he is. His flow is great and often matches the beats perfectly. He may not be the most technical or most complex rhymer ever but there is something about his delivery that just works. The beats are pretty decent on here as well. A lot of hard hitting drums and clever, melodical samples form the backdrop for this painting. I’d say the standout track is probably “SMH” in which he lets people know where he stand now and how you should have stuck by him on his ascent. This is overall a very strong release and deserves a few spins.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#kiddkidd #itskiddkidd #peanutfrommanzant #newwarleans #gunit #g-unit



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