This was a pretty decent release from Slim Thug. I had no idea this was even dropping but it was a welcome project from the sound of it. Slim Thug has a lot of good guest features on here and he definitely steps his lyrical game up a bit. This release seems to have a bit more of that classic Texas sound that we have been looking for. This was also further cemented by having the classic Houston, TX rapper guest features on it that he did. Lyrically they all are able to paint the picture of the Texas lifestyle very vividly. Slim Thug especially does this. The beats are very well put together. There was nothing that I would consider throw-away on here. Not a classic album, but definitely enough to keep the listener satisfied. I would definitely check this project out.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#slimthug #slimthugga #welcometohouston #welcome2houston #wth #w2h #thugthursdays #hogglife101 #americanking #ak #hogglife #hogglife101 #hogglife4 #nawfside #3rdcoast #houston #king



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