Being a Philly native, I thought that Cyssero would be pretty good but I gotta say I was let down by this release. There are definitely a lot of tracks to digest and I think on some basic level, it wasn’t too bad overall. It’s just that there is a lot missing on this album. For starters, the lyrics are really basic across the board. There is not much to them at all. Cyssero is not really a talented MC. The production on here was okay. It could have been a lot better. There is nothing that really stands out as a banger. The best song was probably “Calidelphia” featuring The Game. It has a nice West Coast sound in which the Game can definitely shine on. Other than that, this project was a waste of time.

OVERALL RATING: 1 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#cyssero #cyssero_bws #cysserothevirus #lit #litseries #losingisnttolerated



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