Ahhh this was a refreshing sound from a group that never got as much shine as they should have. Camp Lo takes us back to the mid to late 90’s and shows us how they crafted their debut album “Uptown Saturday Night” with this release. This project contains some early demos and some unreleased songs not included on the original album. They have such a smooth flow both back then and now. They were always a little bit out in left field as far as the sound and style that they portrayed but the most important thing is that they did it like no other. They were 100% original and unique. You could never say that they bit off someone else’s style because it would be impossible. The rhymes are great and showcase the 70’s era blaxplotation, rich and luxurious flow. The production sounds fantastic even though it is dated. This is a great mix of original style for lyrics and beats that is timeless – a must listen for any true hip-hop fan.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#camplo #onthewayuptown #officialcamplo #geechisuede



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