Another solid project from Common! This dude has consistently been able to drop some pretty fire projects over about 2 decades now. This new one is no exception. I’d have to say the standout track for me has to be “Lovestar.” This is a beautiful song that really encompasses that love feeling between two people. I definitely had this one on repeat. Another really hot track is “Pyramids” where Common shows us why he is so lyrically great. His flow is phenomenal. The album is definitely draped in the backdrop of a lot of the racial and social issues that are currently occurring. He somehow finds a way to make it a beautiful and melodic expression instead of just in your face rants. I think he definitely hits on all bases here with this one between the rhymes, his flow, the production, song concepts, and overall album cohesiveness. The only critique I could give it would have been to maybe push for some more single-type songs and also maybe throw another boom-bap type song in there such as another collaboration with DJ Premier. Nonetheless, Common really scores big with this artful and masterful release.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#common #blackamericaagain



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