This album by Vinnie Paz was so highly anticipated in my opinion. I pretty much pictured that it would be the single best piece of recorded music ever made. So my expectations were almost so high that anything out there probably wouldn’t live up to them. While this album didn’t live up to my unfair expectations, it was one that sort of surprised me in a good way. Upon first listen, I was at least moderately pleased. I knew it was the type of joint that I had to listen to a few times to “get it.” So I listened to it a few more times and this joint definitely grows on you. Overall, this is a really great album. There are a lot of great features both on the rap side and the production side. “The Void” is clearly the standout single. The album features fantastic features from Conway the Machine, Ransom, Ghostface Killah, and even Eamon. The beats are pretty freaking good on here as well. There are a few tracks that I am not too particularly fond of like “Hakim.” The standout track to me besides “The Void” would have to be “The Ghost I Used To Be” featuring Eamon. That track is just slamming. “Ninety Three” is an interesting track that sounds like it was made back in that period of time and Paz raps in the same style as the times. “Writings On Disobedience And Democracy” is a very deep and heavy track that shows a more truthful view of history. Paz definitely does a fantastic job on that song. So while I was slightly let down on this one because of my own expectations, I can definitely understand the amount of hard work that went into this project and the talent definitely shows.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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