This album was made for somebody but that somebody probably isn’t me. I don’t wanna say it was bad because I can understand how someone would like this project. This is just not 100% my cup of tea. I like Wiz Khalifa and I like Ty Dolla Sign. This obviously isn’t a project filled with complex rhymes and boom bap beats but rather, a showcase for the Taylor Gang and their artists. I think this is something to smoke and chill out and to. It’s sounds like a very simple assessment but I would say that this album “is what it is.” This is probably going to resonate with a younger crowd before it would resonate with an older crowd. If you are a fan of Wiz and the other Taylor gang artists, I would definitely say to peep this joint out. I would say as a generic statement, that the first half of the record is better than the second half. I think just about anyone can find something they could vibe to on here but it may take an open mind.

OVERALL RATING: 2.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#taylorgang #wizkhalifa #tydollasign #juicyj #chevywoods #jrdonato #realjrdonato #berner #tgod #tgodmafia



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