I am a casual fan of Currensy but this album was terrible. There was not 1 track on here that I would say was good. This was a garbage collection of songs. I wouldn’t even play these songs at high volume if I was trying to annoy neighbors. There was nothing to really take away from this album at all. The rhymes were lazy. The beats were mediocre at best to horrible. This is one that Spitta should have just shelved. Throw it in the closest New Orleans trashcan and move onto the next one.


OVERALL RATING: 0 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#currensy #currensy_spitta #jetlife #spittaandretti #andretti #neworleans #billionairesboysclub #canalstreetconfidential #currensyspitta #currency #bourbonstreetsecrets #andretti1030 #rapsnlowriders

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