Another absolutely slamming project from the Griselda record artist Westside Gunn and cohort Conway. These dudes cannot be stopped. They are the hottest up-and-coming artists out today. This project is jam packed of tight beats and raw, realistic, gangster raps. If there is a new movement coming, these guys are it. The beats are slamming on this album. Every beat is just slamming with the drums and the interesting samples they seem to find. The rhymes fit so well. It is exactly what you wanted to hear-more of the gritty rawness. Westside Gunn is certainly the Flygod and every song is just dripping with swagger. Every project these dudes touch comes out damn near flawless. This is a must listen if you want to hear the realness and the future.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#westsidegunn #flygod #conway #whoisconway #hitlerwearshermes4 #hwh4 #gxfr #griselda



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