This project was definitely a let down. Sonically I think it can be called that also. The vast majority of the album content deals with depressing topics such as death and poverty. It’s almost like there is a black cloud over this whole project. If you weren’t down and depressed before hearing this, you will be after. With a group as lyrical as the Horse Shoe Gang, I wanted to see more tracks where they could just flow on and show their lyrical skill but this is certainly not the record for that. I know they are capable of creating projects and songs like that but they simply did not on this one. I’d say the track “Hyenas” is really the only one that comes close to showing off what they can do lyrically over a dope beat. The rest of the songs are more introspective and deep. I’m not saying they are bad, I’m just saying I wasn’t ready for an entire album filled with that kind of content. I think that this project could use a lot of work production wise and content wise. As far as the lyrics, these dudes are awesome and can’t be stepped to by too many.

OVERALL RATING: 2 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#horseshoegang #shoegang #4brothers #cob #crookedintriago



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