This mixtape is a massive release of absolutely unrelenting BARS. Cassidy delivers rhymes that are pretty much unmatched by most MCs out there. There really isn’t anyone that is messing with Cassidy on the lyrical tip. This massive 37 track release will keep you busy for quite a while. This release really could have been 3 separate mixtapes, but it just goes to show you how great Cassidy really is. I really and truly dare you to find a rapper than can out-rap Cassidy. Most times, it is not gonna happen. The get super critical of this release, the only downfalls I can find is the length of it. 37 tracks is a definite commitment for the listener. It takes about 2 hours to listen to this whole thing. So I probably would have cut it down considerably to make it easier to digest. Some of the tracks I could also do without, but not many. There are just some songs where I think Cassidy tries to get experimental and try new flows out that simply don’t work as well as others. It’s not a diss to Cassidy at all but more so trying to get him back in his lane. You take 10-15 tracks off of here and you have yourself a masterpiece. The hottest tracks on here include: “Barbarian,” “Uncomfortable,” “Yall Already,” “I Got You,” “Talk That Shit,” “Slam,” and “HipHopAintDead.” The beats and rhymes on all of these tracks are bananas. This project gives you everything. There are new songs, concept or theme songs, songs with just straight BARS, and freestyles over other beats. You really gotta check out this release. It is not one to be slept on at all.

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#cassidy #cassidy_larsiny #barbarian #larsiny



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