This album was pretty good. Apollo Brown has always come through on the beats and this offering is no different. He offers that soulful and slamming boom bap sound that never seems to disappoint. I can’t really be mad at any of the beats on this album. Skyzoo gives a decent performance as far as the rhymes. Is he a classic, top-tier rapper? No. But does he get the job done? Yes, definitely. I almost would have liked to see a better MC on these beats but I think that Skyzoo can at least perform for par on here. The hot tracks to check for would include: “Jordan’s & A Gold Chain” and “Basquiat On The Draw.” If nothing else, this release is very consistent from beginning to end. You will probably not be impressed out of your mind but you definitely won’t be disappointed. Classic NY sound for the culture here!

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#apollobrown #skyzoo #theeasytruth #easytruth #mellowmusicgroup



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