This is a fantastic collection of freestyles that goes on for days. If you are looking for relentless rhyme after rhyme after rhyme from the underground’s hottest MC’s, look no further. Almost any MC you can think of is on this album. The beats are slamming from beginning to end. Some of them are old beats and some of them are original but I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the neck-snapping beats. Most of the MC’s deliver a barrage of rhymes guaranteed to make your head spin. The only criticism that I could give this album, and it is not even really too harsh of one, is that it does seem crazy long at 68 tracks in total. Split it up and enjoy it in pieces and you should be ok. I’d say the stand out performances on this one would have to be Apathy, McGruff, and Pumpkinhead. This is definitely one for the culture and it is a strong release.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#samthesleezbag #djmekalek #sleezbagmekalektape



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