This album marks the 20th anniversary of the original Soul On Ice project from Ras Kass. This project is more of like an updated showcase of the supreme MC’s skills. It doesn’t sound dated or old at all. Lyrically, Ras Kass is sharp as ever. I’d almost argue that he is better than he was 20 years ago. A truly slept on MC that a lot of people should give more credit to. The beats on this album range from awesome bangers to some that are pretty lackluster. One of the main criticisms I’d give this project is that it is too long. While as a fan I do appreciate getting as much material from an artist that I can get, I do like to see projects at the right length with tracks that fit together and make sense as cohesive. Some highlights of this project include “Extraordinary Vets” and “Paypal The Feature.” If you are a Ras Kass fan, you will definitely appreciate this release. While it might not be a fitting tribute to the classic debut album, I think it serves as a strong album for the veteran MC.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#raskass #soi2 #bardom



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