This is a dope project from the now Def Jam-signed artist on the rise Dave East. Lyrically this guy is fire. He is an up-and-coming artist that can’t be touched. He brings back the old New York sound so poignantly and so fiercely that it is tough to knock this dude off his top spot. This new project is named after his daughter. His rhymes are fierce the whole way through. The beats are the part where this project may be lacking a little bit. East really stands out when he is storytelling. “Keisha” and “Don’t Shoot” are probably the standout tracks on here. If you don’t feel differently after listening to “Don’t Shoot,” then you may want to check your pulse. “From The Heart” is another good track. All in all, this is a good effort. I would have liked to have heard more boom bap type beats. We have yet to hear Dave East over, say, a DJ Premier beat. I think that is something the culture really needs. Dave East is definitely a great artist and a fantastic lyricist. Here’s to hoping to see him get better and better with time.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#daveeast #kairichanel #defjam #defjamrecords #harlem



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