This is a quick project from Jae Millz. Doesn’t take too long to get through it. His rhymes are definitely not the best. I’d say he is shooting a little bit under average here. He was never the best lyricist ever. The rhymes work though on a very basic level. The beats are a lot of classic r&b samples that sound pretty good. Most songs have more of a romantic theme to them. So this is more geared towards the ladies. I’m not mad at the concept though and I’m glad there is a central theme here. I definitely don’t think the beats will disappoint. The rhymes could have been a lot better though. To be completely honest, I actually didn’t even know there were 5 previous mixtapes before this in the same fashion. It does have me curious to go back and check out some of the previous ones. Just hopefully not a waste of time or a let down.

OVERALL RATING: 2.5 out of 5

#jaemillz #jae_millz #millzy #youngmoney #thevirgomixtape6



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