Ryu gives us a strong release here with “Tanks For The Memories.” A lot of the samples are from classic hip hop records which makes it a fun listen. When the beat is initially good, it is easy for almost any MC to rhyme over it with no problem. Unless they are utterly talentless which is definitely not the case here. Lyrically Ryu is able to stick to the beat pretty flawlessly. I think where he may lack is some of the content. The songs seem to lack a little bit in content or themes. While it is good to hear MCs show off their lyrical ability rhyming about anything, it is good to hear that talent directed at specific topics sometimes. Also, they could tell a story. That might be a bit too “nit-picky” of a criticism though. I think overall it is a solid record. Any Demigodz or Army of the Pharoahs fans will do well to give this a listen.
OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks
#therealryu #ryu #tanksforthememories #wildelife #demigodz #divinestyler_1

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