This is a very strong release from the Dr. Dre protege Bishop Lamont. There has been a lot of speculation on whether this debut album would even come out or not. There was a lot of talk to whether Dre would have produced any of it. Well it is finally here and it doesn’t disappoint. While it is not a classic, I think that Bishop Lamont definitely has the right road map to try to create a classic. When it comes to the lyrics, Bishop Lamont is not the best lyricist ever. I think he raps for par. The beats are definitely strong. You definitely get a bit of that classic West Coast vibe, but they also have a commanding presence. Bishop Lamont can definitely put some quality songs together. I think this is the type of artist that you will see grow over time and put out better and better material. This one is definitely worth a quick spin.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#bishoplamont #reformation



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