This project is fantastic. Such a strong release from the G-Unit crew that must have been lost in the mix or something. It does have a bit of a dated sound which is an absolute compliment. The beats on this joint are fantastic. It’s like fire track after fire track. All of the members of the Unit shine on every track. The only 2 tracks I didn’t really care for are the last 2 but everything else is superb. Kidd Kidd really shines as he displays how he can ride the beat. His flow is crazy. Lloyd Banks does what he always does best. He is so lyrical and really shows his complicated rhyme style while riding the beat perfectly. Tony Yayo comes hard with the in your face rhymes that catch your attention. Young Buck definitely rounds it out with his down south style and his way to provide a good sound on hooks. The stand out track on here is probably “Set The Pick” which features everyone perfectly on the hot beat. Another hot joint is the “Free Young Buck Freestyle” in which Buck raps over a great collection of  classic down south beats over the last 20 years. This is a must listen. You will not be disappointed with this release!

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#g-unit #gunit #50cent #tonyyayo #lloydbanks #youngbuck #kiddkidd #itskiddkidd #djwhookid #whookid #thelostflashdrive #lostflashdrive #aftermath



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