This was truly a sad week in hip-hop and rap music. Did we lose another legendary rapper? No, but I wish we WOULD HAVE lost some of these new, tight jeans-wearing rappers that are out nowadays. I’ve tolerated a lot over the years but it is getting out of control now. We have had to deal with the likes of Riff Raff, Slim Jesus, and most recently Rich Chigga. All 3 of these “artists” have absolutely no talent at all. There seems to be waves and waves of new, mumbling rappers coming out every few months. We have had to listen to interview by rappers TK N Cash about how they SOMEHOW use Summer’s Eve feminine products??!! I have no idea how that is even possible nor do I want to know anything about it. Somehow with all this questionable activity, I have remained quiet. That is until I saw two pieces of news in this past week. Two events happened that pretty much make me question not only rappers but mankind as a whole. First, the garbage rapper Lil Yachty stated that he couldn’t name 5 songs from The Notorious B.I.G. or Tupac Shakur. I’ll pause and allow you all to shake your heads in utter disbelief. This is like rock music artists not being able to name 5 songs by The Beatles. This is a truly horrible display of disrespect for hip hop royalty by a garbage, novice “artist.” Lil Yachty should seriously be placed in a stockade in the center of a town and pummeled with feces, rotting meat, and spoiled milk. The second thing to happen this week was the cover of the new mixtape by Young Thug where he appears in dress. Again, a horrible moment in hip hop history. I don’t know how we have come to accept male rappers dressing in women’s clothing. This has no place in rap music. You can say, “Well you just aren’t forward thinking and you aren’t accepting of new ideas and trends.” And to sentiments like that I say, “You can go F yourself. Stay out of the house that hip hop built.”


young thug


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