This release is pretty good. Slim Thug seemed to come a little more prepared on this one. The production on this album is very good. You can definitely tell that this is more highly produced. I think he definitely came with some better rhymes this time around as well. It seems that there are more song concepts on this project. The lyrical content definitely seems to be more focused. For a highlight, I would have to say that the “Love Letter” song to his children is very inspiring. “King,” “Enemy,” and “Family” are also noteworthy. Slim Thug definitely doesn’t disappoint on this release. I don’t think he quite got to the level of his glory days back when “Already Platinum” was out, but this project definitely is striving for that type of release.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#slimthug #slimthugga #thugthursdays #hogglife101 #americanking #ak #hogglife #hogglife4 #nawfside #3rdcoast #houston #king



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